Mexico or the Dominican Republic?

Mexico or the Dominican Republic?

In the direct response industry, working with the most effective contact center within your budget is a necessity – because every single call is an opportunity to make a solid, positive connection with your customers and in turn drive sales and loyalty.

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Turning Your Call Center…

Turning Your Call Center Into a Contact Center

On a regular basis, most of us log into one of the many social media outlets – LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, to name a few –to keep in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances as well as to promote ourselves within the business world.

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Provitel LLC exhibited at the 2011 ERA…

Provitel LLC exhibited at the 2011 ERA
Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, NV

The ERA D2C Convention is produced by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), the only trade association in the U.S. and internationally thatrepresents leaders of the direct-to-consumer marketplace, which includes members that maximize revenues through electronic retailing on television, online and on radio.


Creating Call Center Agents…

Creating Call Center Agents Who Think for Themselves

luis_echevarria[1]Although Direct Response is a scripted enviroment, the truth is that every client would love to know it has an army of agents who think for themselves in the call center. Agents who are trained to put themselves in the caller’s shoes and, as a result, can almost always figure out how to close the deal, save the sale or solve a tricky customer service issue within the client-provided guidelines are invaluable.

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Filling Your Call Center with…

Filling Your Call Center with Proactive Self Reliant Agents

Direct response is a scripted environment, but every client would love to know they have an army of agents who think for themselves in the call center selling their products and managing customer needs and expectations. These agents would have been trained to put themselves in the caller’s shoes and, as a result, know how to close the deal, save the sale, or solve a difficult customer service issue.


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