Provitel, opened its door in March 2004 as a boutique- type telemarketing firm, specializing in the telecom industry and building a reputation of converting highly successful campaigns into the Hispanic Market, while servicing companies such as:

  • Power Net Global Communications (PNG)
  • Startec
  • Americatel
  • Acceris
  • AT&T
  • EarthLink

Within the first year Provitel, grew quickly surpassing all company expectations, reaching 75 seats from a 5 seat start and then surpassing the 200 seat range.

Provitel continued expanding at a minimum rate of 25% annually.  After the DNC (Do-Not-Call) and the UNE-P (unbundled network element-platform) disappearance, the company had to shift its services and move into more stable industries and verticals.

Provitel started servicing customers in other fields such as customer care, tech support and back office operations. This opened the company to a whole new line of opportunities, which made Provitel what it is today, a 1,000 seat center with over 300 employees, catering to more than 7 industries, and providing the highest levels of service with capabilities in 6 different languages.