• VIXICOM, Simply Reliable!

    We offer a highly trained, multilingual team specializing across multiple industries to provide worldwide organizations an increase in revenue and improvement in their business performance.

  • Direct Response

    Improving the appeal and uniqueness of an offer is a first step for improving response and sales conversion.

  • Back-Office

    VIXICOM offers the same commitment to the Back-Office Solutions as any other service we provide. We produce results that bring your back office processes to the forefront, efficiently and smoothly, improving customer satisfaction.

  • The Company

    Vixicom is a leading provider of cutting-edge customer interaction solutions for companies located around the globe.


slides_web_710x270Our representatives interact with your customers on a personal, professional and productive level. Not only do they possess product and company knowledge but they have a unique understanding of people which enables them to intuitively care for your customers.


Picture-030[1]At Vixicom we know that direct-response marketing seeks to elicit emotion and action and that is exactly what we offer; the right resources, skill sets, technology and training ensure that you achieve outstanding results.


Picture-014[1]In many schools, English and French are taught at the same level as Spanish, not only do the students learn the language but they also learn the culture and the history

Our international perspective, high-capacity seating, rigorous agent training program and an obsession for quality makes us the definitive sourcing partner for global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies.